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CV. DUTA PERKASA - Motor | Vibrator Motor | Gear | Pump | GearPump | Coupling | Chain Hoist | Clutch & Brakes | LED Light | Industrial Encoders | Inverter | Etc
CV. DUTA PERKASA berpusat di Surabaya, Indonesia adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang industrial supply dan solusi, produk kami terdiri dari Electric Motor, Vibrator Motor, Gear Motor, Gearbox, Coupling, Clutch & Brakes, Pumps, Chain Hoist & produk industrial lainnya.

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LED Light CV. DUTA PERKASA Terlengkap

We sell Zumin LED light product in Indonesia. Forewords The high price in LED lights have pushed manufacturer to lower cost by using substandard parts. This in effect led to shortened life of LED light in which directly compromised its economic value. Since LED light is a long term investments, we must protect our initial capital from bogus or substandard quality product. Otherwise it is a loss investment. Parts of LED light All LED light Consist of: • Electronic Driver ; o Able to supply constant current o UL certified o Good Heat distribution • LED Chip ; Look for this CHIP o Bridgelux o Epistar o Cree o COB o AOD Important Parameters The list below explains things a prospect buyer should look for before purchasing their LED lights 1. Output Lumens and Efficacy • LED output lumens range from 60lm/w to 200lm/w. Current technologies only can produce up to 100lm/w efficiently. Cheaper LED generally have lower efficacy (lm/w) 2. Light Decay • LED life are rated 50000+ Hours, however cheaper LED chip can decay up to 20% after 10000 Hour where high quality LED will only decay 2% after 10000 Hour. BE SURE TO ASK THIS to your supplier 3. Power Factor, Power Efficiency • Good quality electronic driver will give you 95%+ efficiency 4. LED Bulb • For high power LED (30W+), Prefer single led module than multiple led module 5. ROI – Return on Investments • Remember your LED will only safe you money if it outlast your fluorescent light. Which a good quality one will 6. Warranty • LED light generally should come with 2-3 Year Warranty 7. Electronic Driver Life • Electronic Driver is rated to last up to 65000 Hour 8. LED Life • LED Light is rated at 50000 Hours. However, in real life it may last up to 100000 Hours or 20 Year.
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